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"Pre-Kiss", 2010, © Olivia Bolles

On a trouvé l’album sympa alors on vous partage ce que Dazed partage, ça fait beaucoup de partages dites donc ! Aaaah le pouvoir d’internet !

What does it mean to be a teenager? Love, adventure, loss, angst, loneliness? All of these themes and more, so central to our teenage years, are caught on camera in 22-year-old Brooklyn-based Olivia Bee’s first book, Kids in Love. Dreamy snapshots capturing the fleeting moments that make up teenagehood showcase two of Bee’s oeuvres: “Enveloped in a Dream” and “Kids in Love”.

Bee, a Portland, Oregon native, first gained public attention through her “Enveloped in a Dream” collection, a photo series exploring the themes surrounding girlhood, friendship and teenage musings on issues of the self. Bee’s second collection “Kids in Love”, which gives its name to the title of the book, depicts the photographer’s wider circle of friends, delving into the joys and torments of youth that come with the discovery of first love. The transient moments that can come and go in a second are caught and recorded on camera by this collection; a symbol of youth in the digital age. Those moments that seem so everlasting at the time, first loves or multi-hued dip dyes, are captured forever. Even if they won’t outlast our teenage years.

Evolving and growing as both she and the subjects of her work do, what remains the same, however, is Bee’s touching, compassionate visual documentation of young people caught in a moment. As a montage “Kids in Love” stands as a testament to the ever-changing nature of youth.

Kids in Love is available from Aperture now